"Catch and Hold - Legend - I am soooo sad that I have finished this fae series! I love it so and wish there were even more books!! This book continued the story of Z as well as completing the main story arc started in the first book. What I loved the most about this book is that it connects all of the characters from the first books in this series together. I love seeing strong women come together for a common purpose (do not worry, their men were there too ;)). I am not sure I can say enough about this series. the lore was original, yet familiar enough to not make you uncomfortable with the new components. She pulled characters from different times and places and put them together for a common goal, making very interesting connections/relationships. I just could not put these books down. These books fall into the category of "I know I have them on ebook, but I am going to buy them in book form too because I just can not stop my self". I can not wait to to check out this author's other series!"
Review by: Delphinam on March 04, 2012

"Catch and Hold - Legend - Both characters are easy to fall in love with. Z with her easy going noble personality and Dante the prince who has the patience of a saint. I can say these characters were comical to read about at certain points. The story will leave you hair pulling/tugging and nerve wracked by the end. And finally THE battle starts, THE BATTLE!

The Review:
So we got Z a girl with lots of attitude, add prince Dante and we have a thing called disaster at first site. From the start of the book both characters fight each other in some way (notice I say more than one, eh eh.) Until finally a nice little romance brews between them. For the first time in the series leaves you at a dreaded thing called a cliff hanger. Of course that means we get to read more about Z and Dante.
Free Falling never has a dull moment. When things appeared quiet, well they didn’t stay that way for long. We got some lovely descriptions of the battles/fights nice a goo filled. The battle finally starts and that’s all I have to say. "
Review by: Elfs Review Blog, 2012

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