Claudy Conn

Prince - Legend Series


What was it about this human woman that made him shiver with a desire he could not remember ever feeling before? Breslyn stood at Chartelle’s closed bedroom door. The time was late, and he believed she was asleep; however, that did not deter him as he moved to open the door. But then, suddenly, he stopped. It was in that moment he hesitated with doubt, a flaying doubt that suddenly and totally assailed him and kept him frozen in place. Was he moving too quickly … would he frighten her when she realized what he really was? For she was a discerning creature that would eventually see the alien in his ancient eyes. She would see him for who he really was before he was ready for her to do so. What would she think when she discovered he was a Royal Fae? He banished this concern, and instead of stepping forward he boldly shifted, Fae-style, into her chamber, as though a part of him wanted to let her see, acknowledge, and get it over with …
She was awake and tossing about under the covers, unaware of his presence. He watched her a moment, in awe of her beauty in the moonlight from the undraped windows. She threw the covers off, and he felt his raging hard-on throb in his leather trews. With a blink, his clothes were gone, relegated to the floor. He stood naked, hungry. What was it about this human woman that made him shiver with a desire he could not remember ever feeling before? Beautiful, exquisite Fae females had enticed and held his interest and passions over the thousands of years that he had lived, but this was …different. What was it about this human that curled his ardor into a tight coil ready to spring? No Fae female had ever wrung out such primal sensations from him before, and Fae females were skilled in the art of making love. She moved something inside him to ‘feel and experience’ sensations he had not hitherto been aware he was capable of experiencing. Something wild and yet sweetly entrenched in her heart drew on him … called to him …
Such emotions were nonsense, and yet, it was a fact he could not deny. He felt feral as he gazed at her and waited for her to see him …



Trevor, Prince of Lugh, is furious. He had been thwarted from putting Pestale, the eldest Dark Prince, to death, and now, the Four Dark Royals were on the march once again.
The Queen of the Seelie Fae is in jeopardy with the Council because of her love for Morgan LeBlanc, a Milesian.
Enter, unexpectedly, Jazmine Decker, a Fios (Fae seer) who finds herself unwittingly thrown into the past with Trevor. They encounter the middle Dark Prince, Hordly, and a battle for the orb begins.
War, worse than Gaiscioch’s war, threatens.
Civil war in Faery becomes a real possibility as the Royals side with their Queen against most of the Council.
Victory against the Unseelie begins to look impossible to achieve.
Enter Frankie, an eleven-year-old with a secret.


Meet Frankie of Sluagh now all grown up and ready to take on the world.

It is just about what she has to do when she realizes she is in love with the Dark Prince, Graely and that her Seelie family will never accept him.

Added to this is the fact that his brother, the Dark Prince Pestale, has once again unleashed a war of terror in the Human Realm and this time he has help from unexpected quarters!

Traitors are all around, and Frankie has her hands full...


Frankie and Graely’s story continues with new dangers on the rise and closing in. A threat like no other has entered the Human Realm and means to release both Pestale and Hordly from the Dark Realm. That threat is Siloam and he is an evil from another world.

He decides that Frankie is for him.Bray, Prince Breslyn’s son and his human friends break all the rules as they jump in to help, but they are in mortal danger because of their actions.And a traitor from within is determined to kill Graely and have Frankie and her powers tohimself.

Will Frankie and Graely’s love survive it all?Will the Human Realm survive the forces of a new and powerful Darkness? Through Time-Compulsion

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